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English4you is a dynamically growing, modern managed and students friendly language school.

We have a diverse offer of our courses and affordable prices for everyone. What is most important our courses are effective. From the beginning of our school we know that success in learning new language depend on right method of teaching.  That is way we are using modern and proven learning methods like:

Direct Method for English, ESOL Cambridge, Helen Doron Method. In our school we will choose teaching method what is the best for you considering your language skills, your needs, targets and preferences.

In our team is dozen highly qualified polish and native speaker teachers. That is way we can allocate a proper teacher for a class or individual student needs. Process of learning new language is long but with right method, good motivation and realistic targets we can guarantee you will do it.

We recommend Direct Method for English course.

Please check our offer for 2014/2015 year where everyone potential student will find course good for him.

In English4you you can start learning in any time you just have to write entry test to be qualified to one of our classes with proper learning level.

You can sign up in school reception or fill in on-line form on our website.