Our Team


Meet our teachers and native speakers! Those excellent facilitators will motivate you to learn, with their professionalism and positive energy. We can boast an outstanding team of language teachers with excellent educational background and professional experience. English4you schools also employ teachers from other countries (native speakers) who have undergone thorough methodological preparation. Some of our teachers have authored course books and learning aids.

We appreciate the importance of the relations between learners and teachers because we know that this strongly influences the learning outcomes. We also make sure that those relations are as good as they possibly can be. If needed, you can change the Polish teacher or a native speaker and switch to one whose personality and working methods suit you better.

We attach great importance to continuous professional development of our teachers and organise numerous methodology-focused training sessions for them.














































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Supervision focused on teaching methods

Each English4you school employs a methods expert, i.e. a highly qualified teacher who is responsible for high quality and standards of teaching. Our methodology experts organise professional workshops, lectures and other forms of ongoing education for teachers. One very important part of the methodology experts’ work are class inspections (observations ) followed by meticulous assessment. This enables us to monitor the effectiveness of teachers’ work. Our methodology experts also share their knowledge and experience with our learners. Please ask our receptionists about the office hours of our methodology experts. Moreover, the most experienced teachers also play the role of methodology coaches. As a result, we can ensure constant professional supervision over the quality of teaching at our schools.